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Hannah Lapine


3 Most Beautiful Countries In Europe

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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With Asia and the Americas to either side and Africa ogling on from below, Europe sits nonchalantly at the center of the world both quite literally and figuratively. It is brimming with a historical heritage that knows no limits and scintillating scenery that is not only diverse but also indescribably gorgeous. Europe is a simmering pot of cultures and it is rife with elegance and unadulterated layouts in equal measure. Without further, let’s straight away get into the subject of today’s discussion which is the continent’s finest three countries.

1) Greece

An ever-present variable across vacation tabloids, Greece is a magical nation with boundless beauty and an exquisite location at the heart of a heavenly paradise. The country has many exotic destinations to explore with Santorini’s picturesque sunsets in particular and the breathtaking views of Meteora monasteries only coming in second to the country’s amazing archipelago that avails unforgettable islands of all shapes and sizes.

Look inland to the capital of Athens for layered chapters of expansive history well-preserved in past-century monuments and the rustic architecture that radiates throughout the town. A mountainous landscape forms the perfect backdrop for untouched villages while the Olympus Nature Park is desirable of its outdoor fun and also for its role in Greek Mythology as it is credited as once being the home of ancient gods. 

2) Croatia

Croatia might feature among the smallest countries in the continent but it is undoubtedly among its most beautiful. It is a land overflowing with divine natural beauty as lovely stretches of turquoise waters meet thousands of serene and tranquil islands whose gorgeousness is only matched by their numbers.

Ancient walled towns and timeless buildings from centuries ago define the typical line up of Croatia property as city after city is trademarked by Roman and Venetian heritage which provided the blueprint for most of the country. The Balkan nation also puts up an amazing display of beautiful lakes and waterfalls which are on showing across its alluring national parks the highlight of which has to be the jaw-dropping Plitvice Lakes.

3) Norway

The "Land of the Vikings" is an icy paradise of unparalleled appeal presenting a plethora of striking glaciers, rugged coastal mountains and mesmerizing fjords that litter the cold oasis. A Scandinavian sophistication permeates across its handful of cities outside of which are picturesque national parks that have perfectly captured the country’s distinct wildlife and scenery. 

Also nicknamed "The Land of the Midnight Sun", Norway is well known for a natural anomaly that defies the very laws of physics. Its location within the Arctic Circle serves up a phenomenon where the sun remains present well past bedtime hours and also affords front row seats to one of Mother Nature’s most stunning light shows: the Aurora Borealis otherwise known as the "Northern Lights". Norway is, in essence, a winter city perfect for that time of the year when the holidays are near. Polar bears and reindeers strut across quaint wooden villages on staggering ice fields, something often seen only in fairytales and movies.

Europe is a joy for holiday goers and while beauty indeed lies in the eyes of the beholder, you’ll pretty much agree that these three countries are stupendously lovely.

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