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10 Winter Life Hacks That Will Help You Win This Season

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6 months ago
6 months ago
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I love winters as it’s the beautiful time of the year, where at some places snow steals the charm and sunlight makes a big deal.

Source- Dharma Productions

But for some of us, winters are annoying as there comes a lot of tasks to worry about during the days of winters. To count a few, shovelling snow or de-icing your car becomes a tough job for people to do! We cannot avoid these things, but what we can do is to keep ourselves prepared and to adapt ourselves a bit to survive at the best.

Sharing with you all some cool life hacks to win at winters-

1. Thanks to the cold temperatures which gifts our clothes a lot of pills. But this annoying things can be removed within minutes.

Try running a razor or a pumice stone over the pills on your clothes and see them vanishing gradually.

2. Well, this one is what I do to keep my hands and feet warm. So, I use my hair dryer to warm my hands, feet and my blankets.

When it’s very cold and you have cold feet and hands, hair dryer is the best option to warm up your hands within seconds and your blankets within minutes. Trust me, it’s very effective!

3. If your house is drafty and cold in the winters, then try stuffing in some cloth or the doormat under the doors to avoid cold air leaks inside your room. Keep your curtains closed at night, this will too help in keeping your house warm.

4. Time to reuse your old sweaters. You can use your old sweaters to make hand gloves/mittens for yourself.


All you need to do is to look out for some amazing DIY on how to make these and duh… you got yourself a new pair of gloves!

5. Insulate your windows against the cold. Using bubble wrap on windows is the easiest method to reduce the heat loss. You just need to cover your windows with bubble wrap to avoid welcoming the cold hair inside your home.

6. As the days get cooler, our bathing water usually gets warmer, which is so obvious. But we need to be careful about the time we spend in out hot showers. This is so because the more time we spend in our warm showers, the more it dries up our skin further. So to avoid this, just reduce the time you spend in the hot shower.

7. Cold, dry weather increases the likelihood of chapped lips. Your lips need more moisture in winter than at any other time.

Try using a lip balm which has some good nourishing ingredients. Treat them overnight and scrub them once in a while with some brown sugar and honey. Your chapped lips will be gone forever!

8. Body lotions are not much effective in winters. It doesn’t stay much longer as expected. The best way to combat dryness is to moisturise yourself before bathing. Try to moisturise yourself with some good body oil than any body lotion and see the difference! Your skin will remain soft and moisturised longer than ever before.

9. Washing your hair in winters is a big task for a few of us. We cannot wash them every alternate day. So, the best option to opt is to go for dry shampoos. Dry shampoo absorbs excess sebum and other oils from your roots freshens up the rest of your hair and leaves it smelling fresher.

10. If you need to use your bike in the snow or ice, place few zip ties at even intervals around each tire, to create bike snow tires. Also, use umbrellas to keep snow off your head. Umbrellas are not just for rain!

Share some of your insider tips and tricks you have been using all the winters!

By Shilpa Bararia

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