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10 Suit Rules Men Need to Break Right Now!

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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Now, traditionally men’s fashion was restricted to suits and ties but there is much more to that than just the generic ones. There are quite some rules that you can break while styling yourself up. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the basic suit and tie i.e the classy gentleman look!


As spring turns to summer, guys chose to trade in their pants for shorts. Some people swear off shorts which is something I don’t understand. Also, some people swear off shorts with blazers or jackets which is more understandable and polarizing as a point of debate in what is considered fashion.

Those who believe in the conventional style of wearing a blazer , would scoff off pairing it up with shorts . However for those who are adventurous and like to explore various styles , perhaps for them even snarky wouldn't look twice as such a combination. So, what makes this rule attractive and acceptable? There are the arguments for comfort i.e i doubt anyone would agree that pants is a great option to wear when the temp is above 90 degrees. There is also the argument of pushing the ‘rule’ of men’s style. Not to mention pushing the rules to the ”cocktail attire” But lastly the most emotional and perhaps the strongest point is that this attire embodies the fun loving spirit that only summer brings.


When it comes to breaking the fashion rule , men tend to play it safe never risking pushing the boat too far for fear of their unforgiving male counterparts, but things are changing; men are far more open minded to changes in fashion, with the industry welcoming new men’s lines weekly. However it can be hard to stay ahead of the curve and keep things fresh so if you want to breathe new life into your wardrobe then it may be time to start breaking the rules

Pattern Clashing is a great option as it is quite uncommon on the street being mostly left to the runways and magazines, meaning if you pull this style off you’ll definitely turn some heads. Plus with check prints, block stripes, floral and polka-dots all on trend, what better time to get clashing? Follow my tips to make sure you nail it. Start Small: Start small by simply wearing one of your print blazers with a patterned pocket square or even some patterned socks with those check trousers or my personal favourite – a print shirt with a patterned tie. If you can pull these off then you’re on your way to clashing with success.

Don’t Overdo It: When you decide to introduce a little more pattern in your outfit remember to always keep a neutral colour as a base. As a rule of thumb don’t mix more than two patterns. A nice patterned blazer with patterned pants and a plain base layer is perfect for this style.


It is good to know the basics, what goes with what and how an outfit should look, but it is just as important to throw that out the window from time to time.

I would like to address another “rule” of men’s fashion that I think too many men are getting hung up on, when really it looks better broken: matching your belt to your shoes. Don’t get me wrong; you shouldn’t be wearing brown shoes with a black belt, or vice versa but there is no need to find a belt that hits on the exact same tone of brown, like I have seen so many men do. Grab a belt, grab some shoes, if they are in the same basic colour-wheel and compliment each other nicely, then go for it.

Put on what you like and wear it with confidence, and the next day you may just see a few guys in the office who have fallen suit.

Feel like going even further outside the norm? Go for it! Grab a red belt, a blue belt that compliments your outfit, or a neon green one. Once you stop limiting yourself to one belt for one pair of shoes you’ll realize these standout belts can up your sartorial game by a long shot. Enjoy your new look!”


The look pairs well with more casual suits, especially ones worn to warm summer events like outdoor weddings and parties. Breaking this rule isn’t as simple as walking out your front door without dress socks, though. It’s important to remember to care for your feet and your shoes, because let’s face it – your feet will get sweaty under the blazing sun. . A pair of no show, low cut socks work great for this purpose, too

We love stylish looks that are practical too, so it’s no surprise we love ditching our socks and baring our ankles in the name of cool relief and dapper attire.”


There are some fashion rules that should remain untouched, wearing socks with sandals for example will forever remain a fashion faux pas, whilst others may have a little leeway. For me it’s the little details that make outfits stand out, and these can range from pocket squares to vibrant sock colours.

You always see these rules about how ties should be a certain length or tied in a certain way to give the best look, and this is where I tend to disagree. The details are meant to amplify and enhance your look rather than making you look like a general looking guy. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re going for a job interview, the Mad Men look is likely to put you in good stead but it’s always good to show a little personality. Colour is your best friend, don’t shy away from it. A nice bright bow tie or a floral tie can really enhance your look as well as experimenting with different knot types.

These days you should just have fun and experiment, try something new and if you’re comfortable with it why not tweak it some more? Wear a wooden bracelet, wear your watch over your shirt cuff or simply start wearing a woven belt instead of a dress belt – the combinations are endless.”


“Breaking rules can be harder than following them. This might sound strange to some, but it’s true! One of the style rules men like to affirm for themselves is to wear high boots –whenever, wherever! Even though many people would not consider this necessarily “breaking the rule”, but according to many men, certain shoes go with different outfits and with different occasions. Men like to wear old-fashioned, but modern boots in many settings and at many occasions, making them a personal style statement.

Boots can replace oxfords, brogues, wingtips and even monk strap shoes and give any outfit a note of elegance. Of course, men also like to wear other types of shoes, but picking out a pair of boots to break an outfit is a thing they can also enjoy doing. After all, making a fashion statement is what it’s all about isn’t it? 🙂


There is a golden rule for short sleeve shirts – If your bicep is muscular enough to fill the your arm, wear a short sleeve. This will show off the muscle and the work you have put in. If your arms do not fill the aperture, wear a long sleeve shirt with roll sleeves instead – this will add mass around the bicep making you look stronger. Sometimes you have to adapt to the different styles of fashion to look your best self!


For a long time I was against the idea of men wearing pink because of it’s long standing history as a girls’ color. Recently, men have been incorporating this color very effectively into their wardrobe. A pink tie/bow balanced with a darker suit does wonders for a man’s style. A nice pink shirt balanced once again with dark pants can also be easily pulled off as long as they stay within the limit.”


“Suit colors: Will only charcoal gray, navy or black do? While these colors should be the foundation for a guy’s wardrobe, adding a brighter color always adds a nice element. For interviews, depending on the industry, you can opt for a tan or wheat colored fitted suit. For casual time, seersucker is a good look even a nice breathable cotton in a pastel color (think baby blue, soft green even peach). Of course, you want to use good judgement and find a color complimentary to your complexion.”


I would love to see more men embracing them [suspenders]! Instead of treating them as an old relic reserved for grandfathers, men can turn suspenders into something they can dress up for work with a nice suit or dress down for play and add contrast with a nice pair of sneakers or casual top. Many of them come in a variety of colors so they can have fun with different looks as well as to suit their fashion aesthetic (preppy, edgy etc).

*All images are taken from Pinterest.

By Ria Chakravarty

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