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10 Best Grooming Techniques That Will Help You Make a Great First Impression

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7 months ago
7 months ago
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The first impression is the last impression, whether you're in a job interview, business meeting or meeting a girl of your dreams for a blind date. When people see you for the first time, they judge you based on how you present yourself. That is why grooming is very important in enhancing one's personality. Many people think that grooming is just for females, but it is important for every individual, irrespective of their gender. Everybody should look clean, fresh and hygienic.

It is basic nature of every human being to be able to feel 100% confident in how they look, smell and feel. Looking good and properly groomed is the first step in gaining the respect of your peers and boosting your confidence in turn. Many of us think of grooming as some weird thing done with lotions and creams, when in reality it is not that difficult. Given below are the techniques that men should follow in their daily lives-

1. Regular haircuts- To achieve basic grooming is to resort to a nice haircut, you need to get a haircut every three weeks if you want to maintain a uniform clean style. You should keep an ‘upkeep' regimen with your stylist or barber so that you could always look well groomed. Also, you should use specific hair products on your mane in the right quantity and do not use a lot of hair products regularly.

2. Grooming beard- Having a beard is cool but at times it's smelly, frizzy or all over the place. The first step you should follow is to wash it with a good shampoo and conditioner so it stays clean and smells great. But there are different ways to groom a beard. If you have a really thick and long beard then you need a wide tooth comb and a bristle brush to remove the tangles through your beard.

3. Treat your scalp well- Healthy scalp is the secret to great looking hair, as an unhealthy scalp can be a source of dandruff and hair loss. For a healthy scalp, you should only use lukewarm water when you shower as hot water can be harsh on the scalp. Avoid using too much shampoo. When you apply shampoo, just make sure that after washing you rinse it well. Lastly, avoid rubbing your hair vigorously while using a towel.

4. Manscaping- This term means trimming off excess body hair. Men have more thick body hair particularly on their chest and back which the ladies hate the most. Men should buy the right tools like something electric razor to at least trim off the excess body hair on your chest and wax off hair off the back and shoulders. You just need to trim it when it grows too long as you need to have a right balance between not looking like a caveman and not looking like a child.

5. Trim off Nose and Ear hair- It is one of the most neglected areas that most men fail to think about. Once a man reaches their thirties he faces this problem. To trim off nose and ear hair you can use a motorized nose hair trimmer or fingernail scissors which have such angle on the end to trim excess nose hair and for ear hair use an ear hair trimmer.

6. Look after your hands- When you meet any client in a business meeting your hands can either make or break the deal. So you should keep your hands clean particularly your fingernails. Should regularly trim off the nails if they grow too long and must file regularly, so that dirt does not gather on them. Make sure you keep them moisturised and don’t leave them dry.

7. Shower every day- Shower is the most basic thing a person can do to keep himself from developing body odour. If you shower every day, then you may not need to use as much cologne to mask your body's bad odour if you don't shower. The first thing a person must do in the morning is to have a shower and to shower again before going to bed.

8. Wash your face properly- Every man has different needs as some men have oily skin and some have dry skin. They should avoid using bath soap which is used on the body to wash their face. Men with oily skin should wash their face with warm water and with a cleansing soap specially formulated for oily skin like organic facial wash soap. And men with dry skin need a facial soap formulated for dry skin and should apply some moisturizer after using face products.

9. Keep your mouth fresh- Communication is a very essential skill which every successful man must have. Which makes brushing your teeth every day grooming chore, not only just once a day but as much as three times a day. First, after you wake up, then after lunch and last before going to sleep. It not only freshens up your breath but it also removes any food excess particles on the teeth and also doesn't forget to floss.

10. Groom your feet- Men should take due care of their feet as they get stinky very often. You can start by washing them thoroughly, particularly areas between the toes. As these areas are prone to gathering bacteria that could potentially lead to foot problems. If you have sweaty feet then you should apply some body powder before wearing socks. And lastly, go to a foot spa from time to time to get your dead skin scrubbed off.

By Shilpa Bararia

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