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1 out of 20 US Adult Citizens Use E-Cigarettes, Study Claims

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a month ago
a month ago
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Last year a research was conducted regarding the frequency of e-cigarettes usage in American adults and the results were quite shocking. It was found that almost one in 20 American adults use e-cigarettes and 1 out of these three users vape on daily basis.

Researchers report that e-cigarette use is more common among youth and current cigarette smokers, who find it more convenient and attractive. According to Reuters reports, out of the 10.8 million people using e-cigarettes, more than half of the people are under the age of 35.

“Electronic cigarette use is also closely associated with other high-risk behaviours,” said senior study author Dr. Michael Blaha, director of clinical research for the Johns Hopkins Ciccarone Centre for the Prevention of Heart Disease in Baltimore. “The most common pattern of use in the U.S. is dual use, i.e. current use of both traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.”

According to this study, 14.4% of current e-cigarette smokers have shifted from traditional cigarettes, while 1.4% of e-cigarette smokers have never used traditional cigarettes. It also means that several numbers of people may have been using e-cigarettes as a tool to stop or cut down on smoking habit, as these e-cigarettes have been advertised.

Experts must conduct a thorough research on whether these e-cigarettes have become helpful for people to cut back on traditional cigarette smoking or quit it altogether.

It is believed that e-cigarettes were invented with the intention to replace traditional cigarette by providing a similar sensation to inhaling tobacco. However, e-cigarettes containing nicotine can be addictive like traditional cigarettes. Though you can find nicotine free e-liquid in the market but several researches emphasize that flavourings and other ingredients used in these e-liquids used for vaping could be linked to breathing problems. Peer pressure is also another thing that urges youth to try e-cigarettes and later adopt it as a habit.

E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices featuring a glowing tip and a heating element to turn flavoured (nicotine or without nicotine) e-liquid into a cloud of vapour that users inhale. Seeing the demand and popularity, all big tobacco companies such as Altria Group Inc, Lorillard Tobacco Co and Reynolds American Inc are producing e-cigarettes. However, these companies claim that certain checks are carried out to make sure that e-cigarettes are not being sold to people below certain age.

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