Here Are Some Ways For You To Cope Up With Anxiety

1 out of every 4 individual in this country lives in a state of constant hypervigilance, fighting off a wide array of things which they perceive to be threatening.
anxiety described visually

“Anxiety” could be characterized by the fear resulting from anticipation of future threats. Unregulated anxiety usually leads to depression and appears in a comorbid state with other obsessive-compulsive disorders. GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) affects 25% of Indian population. So 1 out of every 4 individual in this country lives in a state of constant hypervigilance, fighting off a wide array of things which they perceive to be threatening.

Growing numbers of people report struggling with anxiety over objectively small dilemmas that renders them helpless temporarily. The more severe and frequent these episodes get, the harder it becomes to function healthily. Although therapy is an effective solution for anxiety, people aren’t always comfortable approaching psychological intervention. But there are means to cope with it alone if one is willing to employ some of these strategies consistently.

Journal: A good way of navigating around irrational worries is by keeping track of all the things that bring on fear and stress. Noting these worries down alongside the frequency of how often they present themselves during the day can pronounce the severity of anxiety and determine whether professional help is absolutely necessary or not.

Tracing back worries: Apart from some instinctive worries like fear of falling or loud noises, most of our worries tend to be learnt through our interactions with the world around us and the people in it. Hence, irrational fears can usually be traced back to some event in the past that led to it. Confronting the initial emergence of these worries head on tends to offer a sense of respite.

Fact checking: Anxiety often brings on worries that are completely irrational. Anxious people tend to dread things that may never happen. To cope with that it’s important to operate rationally via fact checking. It is important to look at our worries through the lens of a rationalist to understand what the real odd of our fears coming true are. Reading up and educating oneself about things that makes one insecure is sometimes the best way of tackling irrational fears.

Acceptance: Anxiety tends to be emotionally draining because people desperately try to fight it and deny its presence. It is crucial to accept the fact that some things are genuinely terrifying and we humans have no agency to fend ourselves. And acceptance of these simple facts could take off the edge of these fears significantly. The plane that you are in could crash, your friends could all turn on you and your significant other may leave you. Such is life! We don’t have to take it upon ourselves to fight things off before they even happen. It is much more pragmatic to prepare for a bad day and improvise as things happen. 

In conclusion, it is hard to gauge the amount of strength each individual truly has before they have to utilize it due to a necessity. Anxious people tend to undermine the courage and hardiness that they are capable of. And this is precisely why we should keep revisiting all the times we’ve been competent in the past to instill the self-confidence we need to get through a dire crisis.