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Latest Posts in Sports

Are We Nearing an End of Mahendra Singh Dhoni's Illustrious Career?verified tick

Mahendra Singh Dhoni made a name for himself, initially as a swashbuckling and exhilarating batsman capable of pulling

4 Biggest Scandals in Sports That Took Fans by Surprise

Sports has been one of the major entertainment fixation of humans

India and FIFA World Cup 1950: Story and Realityverified tick

Football is the most popular sport in the world. Everybody loves the sport. Every football season is

Lessons learnt from the ODI series with West Indies

What was supposed to be a muscle flex for India, turned out to be a wakeup call for the team. Source India

Athlete, Human and SuperHuman- The journey of Virat Kohli

30 years of age, 18,665 runs, 62 Centuries, 351 Matches and 390 Innings across Tests, ODIs and T20s. These are the

This is Why Ramos is Not the Definition of Modern Day Defenderverified tick

In the wake of the recent El Classico, a discussion regarding Ramos is heavily required. A player who has secured

First ODI: India Thrashes West Indies by 8 Wickets, Rohit-Kohli Shine Again

What does one have to do to beat India at home? That’s the question many visiting teams are left asking

Is it Time for Real Madrid to Replace Julen Lopetegui?

Things are not looking all right for Real Madrid and their boss Lopetegui. The former UCL Champions

Under Unai Emery's wing, Iwobi's Game has Improvedverified tick

In Wenger’s illustrious career as Arsenal boss, he did more than one thing right. Amongst his other

Sterling Scores 2 Goals as England Defeats Spain by 3-2

Raheem Sterling finally finds the goal for England after 1102 days as England beat Spain with a scor