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Latest Posts in Politics & Society

A Layman's Guide To Feminism

A few months back, I had written a piece on feminism-

Political Scandals Under The Present Government You Should Note Before Votingverified tick

The 2019 elections are knocking at the doors and as Indian

Elections 2019: Violations of Election Commission Codes Which Have Created a Havoc!

The upcoming election has everyone rattled. Many MPs and MLAs have

China' One-Child Policy

This is a fairly and a broadly proven fact that the

Internalized homophobia.

Are some homophobic people actually facing the “fear of self”? Several people around the world display hatred or dislike


Addiction is an individual conduct that is controlled at a societal level. Over the most recent years, the

Kisan Bachao, Bharat badhao.

Abstract            This paper examines the several different reasons behind the ‘Agrarian crisis’ under the UPA and NDA government and

Anti-LGBTQ Laws Across The World That Are Setting Us Back by Decadesverified tick

A few days back, as I was scrolling down my Instagram

The Return of Women Reservation Bill: Empowering Women of India

The Congress has made an addition of the Women Reservation Bill,

Should Painful Monuments be Torn Down?verified tick

In 2015, a white supremacist open fired in a Black Church in South Carolina, America, killing nine and