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Latest Posts in Politics & Society

Indian Education System

The Indian education system is still lacking many problems which are becoming a obstruction is studies of millions

Is Free Speech in Indian Universities Being Threatened?verified tick

The last five decades have seen an increasing awareness among students in university spaces with respect to exercising

Modern Feminism and Its Isolation of Sex Workers' Rightsverified tick

Sex work is not only a huge part of the world

Why Do We Keep Coming Back to Victim Blaming?verified tick

About six months back or so, a video had surfaced of a cop trying to feel up a

Feminism- It's not what you hear. It's not what you see. It's anything and everything you want to be

I have often heard females raising slogans of feminism all around, denigrating males, having issues with them, criticizing

Mother of All Bombs

Somebody dropped the mother of bombs Now somebody will drop the father of it What are we gonna get, only

Abe Lincoln: An Assassination to be remembered

The conspirators thought that the murder of the President would dismantle

An indian approach to racism!

According to the world values survey, the second most racist country

Mamta Banerjee is on 'dharna' against CBI and Central Government. Here's Why.

The chief minister of Kolkata took matters into her own hands

Budget 2019 Highlights: What’s In It and Who Benefits?

As the general elections roll ever closer, the ruling government has had a major final chance to woo