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We can not remember the moment we came here in the world, can we? We were fully and

The Break Bias!

Beta, Aap kya karte ho? (What do you do in life?), a distant uncle asked me at a

The Cardinal Social Media Sins You Should Never Commit

We all know the dos of social media but what about

Nostalgic Youth : Why shouldn't it be wasted !

“My youth is yours,Tipping on skies and sipping waterfalls”.These lines by Troye Sivan might not be as abstract

10 Habits of Highly Successful People That You Can Incorporate Too

You cannot be extraordinary with ordinary habits. We all dream of being successful but only a few reach those

Phoolwala Makes Live an Extensive Catalogue of Flowers on Valentine’s Day

New Delhi, 8th Feb 2019 - We always say that love is in the air. Now what we

How to Get Attention on Flats and Flatmate FB groups & secure No Broker Deals?

You may find a job more easily than landing the perfect

What is fashion?

Fashion means it is way of living style in different ways, People show it by wearing clothes, footwear,

Parenting Then and Now: How the Times have Changed

We live in a different era. I mean for 90’s kids,


Have you ever felt scared of walking in front of people? Not just walking, but doing anything in