6 Healthy Eating Habits You Should Start at the Earliest

I’m never going to say no to a good dessert but we have to counter all of that with healthy habits. So here are 6 healthy eating habits you should try this year

We’ve all made those New Year’s Resolutions to eat better and work out more to get that perfect bod. But life seems to always get in the way and all those resolutions come rumbling down at the first sight of stress and pretty soon we’re reaching for those chocolates or baking cupcakes by the dozen. Now I’m never going to say no to a good dessert but we have to counter all of that with healthy habits. So here are 6 healthy eating habits you should try this year:

  1. Chew slowly

I know. It sounds insanely simple. I mean this isn’t a tip about eating vegetables or fruits. Just eat whatever you’re eating slowly. It will cause a significant change in your body. You’ll find that your digestion is better and that your weight loss goals are more easily achieved than what was happening when you were eating a 100 miles an hour. It’ll also give you the illusion of you being fuller because you’re taking longer to eat. Try it and see for yourself.

  1. Bottoms Down

We all need that drink. If it isn’t desserts then it’s alcohol. It’s understandable. But every time you take that shot, know that you’re just setting yourself behind your schedule of trying to become healthier and fitter. And so as much as it pains me to say it, you need to let go of the alcohol for a while, particularly those late night ones. Because it might make you sink into a stupor but the quality of sleep is terrible. And you won’t feel your 100%.

  1. Sugar? No please.

A simple tip is to get a healthier lifestyle is to reduce your sugar intake. Try switching to green tea if you can’t have your tea or coffee without sugar. Avoid carbonated drinks and just reduce the quantities of high sugar foods in your diet. It increases the risk of diabetes and is not as easily digested by the body because of its complex structure. So, try reducing it to an absolute minimum in your diet.

  1. Fast Food is Fat Food

You knew this was coming. In fact, you were surprised that it hasn’t been mentioned yet. Your worst fears have been confirmed. You thought you might get through one article that doesn’t say anything about Fast Food so that you could get away with it. But, unfortunately, life isn’t that forgiving. That KFC burger, those McNuggets, those Fries: all that isn’t doing anything for your body. You need to let them go. Immediately.

  1. But Fat ain’t all that Bad

If you remember any of your biology, you’ll know that fat isn’t bad for you. You just need to eat the right kind of fat. You can’t be all, ‘Oh I need fat. So, might as well have a cheeseburger.’ Nope. You need the good kind. Almonds, Olive oil, Avocados, Whole Eggs; these are the kinds of fat you need in your diet. It might be a little tiresome to begin with, but they will leave you full and happy. So switch over to the good fat.

  1. Water Water Everywhere

Here’s the last one. Drink Water. So simple. And yet it cannot be overstated. You need to drink water. And no, not juices, not sodas, but good ol’ water. It’s necessary for your kidney function. That’s the one responsible for preventing the build up of waste and excess fluids in your body. So, install an app that reminds you to drink water or ask a friend to keep reminding you. But don’t skip out on water.

If you follow these basic tips for a healthier lifestyle, you’ll find a great improvement in your general well-being.

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