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Establishing literary firsts is a messy business – literature has been such a deeply rooted part of human

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Limeade is one of the most classic drinks that help us power through the hottest of summer days.

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Securing emotional growth has come with foregoing unrealistic expectations I have had out of life. It’s been a

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The media is undergoing a global revolution that is all set to change forever the way we perceive,

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Entrepreneurship is a challenging task. However, in between all these responsibilities, providing for your family, making your dream

Why Are There No Aliens at the Door?

Maybe they just don’t like our faces. Given the sheer, incomprehensible size and complexity of the Universe, it

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With a number of restaurants up on the rise, Bangalore definitely has a tough competition in determining which

Should Painful Monuments be Torn Down?verified tick

In 2015, a white supremacist open fired in a Black Church in South Carolina, America, killing nine and

Here's How You Can Manage Your Time Efficiently

Do you keep running out of time often? Is your mailbox flooded with unread emails? Did you forget

Bred for Battle- The Legacy of the Ancient Civilization of Spartaverified tick

“Remember this day men, for it will be yours for all time. Ready your breakfast and eat hearty,