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Terms & Conditions

  1. [IMP] We do not support plagiarism. All created posts are checked and only original posts, owner by creator submitted on the website will be considered.
  2. Make sure the written content is clear and conveys your thoughts in the best possible way. Use of pointers, numbers or bullets if necessary.
  3. Mention the Categories which the written article will be fitted best in. (Categories available only on Truso as of now). Please be very specific while choosing the categories.
  4. Mention the source of information, knowledge, facts when writing related stuff. Provide the exact source of extracted information. It’s always good to give credit.
  5. Kindly provide a suitable and short title (this is the most important part, user will decide whether to give it a read, based on what they see as a title) for the written piece. You can use CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer for the same. Try to get a score of 65 or above. Provide a crisp and catchy description of 1-3 lines along with the title.
  6. If Images, Videos and Illustrations are used in the article, kindly provide the link in the article at the spot exactly where the media file has to be shown in the final article.
  7. Please upload photos, copy pasting from other document will cause an image break. Make sure that the article is free of grammatical mistakes. (Very Important!)
  8. Use words, tenses carefully while framing the article flow. Do not make spelling errors and type full words and sentences. Refrain using slangs and foul language.

Images- Kindly use stock free/ non copyrighted images for to avoid infringement issues. We recommend the following sites-,,, Provide the link to the photo in the post where the image is supposed to be placed. In case copyrighted images are used- Provide the source of the image, give credits and share the link from where the photo has been taken.

Videos- Simply provide the URL to the video in the post at the exact spot of where it is supposed to be.