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How Beneficial are Public Primary Schools in Indiaverified tick

Although India is amongst the ten fastest growing economies in the world, it also has the largest number

Movies+TV shows every Indian should watch to understand India better!

India has been a land with constant evolution of its politics, society and culture.It has been a magical

Understanding Sedition and its Laws in India

When Kanhaiya Kumar of Jawaharlal Nehru University was arrested on the charges of sedition on 13th February 2016,

Why are Democracies Across the World Failing?verified tick

Growing up, we were always presented democracy as a golden system of governance, a free and fair system

The Two World Wars - One Reflection of Another?

The Second World War has provided us with enough references and

Indian Men and the Raja Beta Syndrome

No matter how much as we use the generic #allmenaretrash tag

Feminism from the heart of a feminist!

Feminist movement focuses on equality to both the genders irrespective of

"Men as a gender have collectively failed humanity !" - Explained.

Any MAN who believes that gender is not a factor in determining how much respect one gets in

What Does the Air Strike in Balakot Really Mean?

As soon as I woke up today morning, my social media

Pornography Vs. Reality

Image Source : You know one of the few things that