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Latest Posts in Poetry & Short Tales

A Post-Modern Renaissance

There is a dreariness in life that seeps inside us. It makes us impervious to any sense of

The Insignificant Wish

City Police Station at Lajpat Nagar, Delhi... Time: 6.00 PM. Devil's Hour, some would say! Michael, a man in his

The Silent Dagger

Even in an overly crowded nightclub, his eyes were stuck on a girl sitting in one of the

120 days of her life.

Ye duniya kitni zaalim hai, usne use ye chaar mahine mai he bata diya, us chooti si bacchi ka rape


Im saying sorry first I'm saying sorry last I'm saying sorry for the future but mainly for

Memories of a Cherished Old Toy

Aunty Sandhya had promised to bring a new friend to my

Just something sentimental

Feel the pain I somehow feel more comfortable in toilets. Standing in front of the mirror,  looking through my eyes,  all I

All that you love will be carried away

All that you love will be carried away All that you have will be destroyed one day And if by

The night of magic

There was a cry in a small village of u.p, everyone was up in a split second,people gathered

A few Insignificant People

In our daily lives on our way to work, on the streets, in crowded buses and trains we