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Latest Posts in Poetry & Short Tales

Set in Motion

I've wondered for what could be mine and in various tales I have sought, a perfect end to life. But alas!


What are you willing to sacrifice? Your love?  Your body?  Your money? Are you willing to sacrifice,  The little knowledge you own? Or the

What we never understand, Pain in the eyes of Smiling face Destiny behind the gloomy days

What we never understand Pain in the eyes of Smiling face Destiny behind the gloomy days Feelings scripted in the life's


Go where you feel the most appreciated Or until then,  Go on your own and figure it out We get stuck

My Emotions

while in the middle  of the twilight,  i feel like pouring  out my pain,  i look for my pen  and paper  beside my pillow. i

Lost Era

i feel sad,  so very silent,  the flowing river.. the paths so  isolated mountains shredded  to dirt coaltar spread  on the sides  of the roads.. rains take years  to

Change don't hurt

As the sun goes down  It reveals all its hues For us to witness The sunset on sky canvas and there


Adolescence has come around Anxiety, hopes and dreams are building up Everything seems so beautiful but Some confidence has gone

"Best Friend Forever"

Picture Credit- Zoë Thompson Little girl: Barbie doll, Barbie doll, where are

Love explained!

I don't know what love is, But I pretend as if I made it, I don't know what love is, But