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Once upon a time there was a world where everyone lived happily! ...And at the end everyone

6 Chic Ways to Wear a Headscarf This Summer

“Not all superheros wear capes , some wear scarves”. Summers can be a long scorching battle but scarves can

10 Suit Rules Men Need to Break Right Now!

Now, traditionally men’s fashion was restricted to suits and ties but there is much more to that than

The Truth About DU Fests That Will Help You Have a Better Time

Every even semester, normal academic activity across Delhi University comes to

Reclaiming All Things Girly: Stop Deriding Femininityverified tick

Forget boys – even women sometimes balk at the idea of


We can not remember the moment we came here in the world, can we? We were fully and

Of Cozy Nooks and Worthwhile Looks: Simple DIY Hacks to Pretty Up Your Home

Whether it be scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram, peeking into beautifully architectured home or visiting an artistic friend’s

The Break Bias!

Beta, Aap kya karte ho? (What do you do in life?), a distant uncle asked me at a

The Cardinal Social Media Sins You Should Never Commit

We all know the dos of social media but what about

Nostalgic Youth : Why shouldn't it be wasted !

“My youth is yours,Tipping on skies and sipping waterfalls”.These lines by Troye Sivan might not be as abstract